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Machine Vise

Machine Vise is an essential, safe and durable item for various activities. The equipment is manufactured in Nodular Iron 42012 and its spindle-handle unit receives galvanized treatment, protecting it against corrosion. Its jaws are produced in quenched and casehardened steel, extreme hardness, with deep knurling which ensures fastening the part perfectly parallel. As a differential, the jaws can also be replaced when coming to the end of their useful life, it not being necessary to acquire a whole new vise. With maximum opening of 114 mm and width of 85 mm, the Machine Vise is indicated for applications in milling machines, drills, planes and saws, besides use in workshops, joineries, metalwork and industry.

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Dados Técnicos
Abertura Máxima (mm) 114
Largura do Mordente (mm) 85