Somar is the leader in the manufacture and sale of bench vises in Brazil. The machine and tool lines Somar by Schulz ensure speed and practicality in the execution of the most varied residential, professional or industrial applications and tasks. With safety and durability, they were designed to handle the most varied basic requirements of the day-to-day. The portfolio has options of bench vises, hinged pipe vise, bench shear, c-clamp, bolt cutter, clamp for joiner, bar cutter, support and machine vises, multi application shaft, profile cutting machine, support for portable drill, etc. With a varied mix and more than 7,200 points of sale, Somar has wide coverage in domestic territory, besides maintaining a technical assistance network with performance throughout the country and having a laboratory which is a domestic reference in the development and evaluation of product performance. Choose your equipment and count upon the quality, durability and versatility of the most traditional brand in tools in Brazil.