LUS 500

The washer LUS 500 ensures high performance with efficiency for applications which require water jets combining pressure and flow. With functioning in low rotation, 2 hp power, 500 psi pressure and 1,320 l/h of flow, it allows continuous work, which ensures productivity and a longer useful life for your equipment. With high strength, it is indicated for the following applications: pressurization of networks, cleaning of medium and heavy intensity, washing of vehicles of several sizes, buildings, transporters, industry, workshops, cold storage, entertainment parks, supermarkets, etc. The pistons/plungers of LUS 500 are made of forged steel with extremely high surface hardness, which provides higher performance and low maintenance. The washer shall operate with clean water (exempt of solids) to ensure greater durability of the pistons/plungers and sealing systems: water (gasket unit) and oil (retainers).

*Available in the single-phase and three-phase versions, with options: hose, car and electrical start.

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Dados Técnicos
Comprimento da Mangueira (m) 10
Diâmetro do Bico (mm) 2.7
Potência (cv) 2
Pressão (lbf/pol²) 500
Pressão (bar) 34
Número de Pistões 3
Rotação do Motor (rpm) 1,750
Rotação da Bomba (rpm) 450
Vazão (L/h) 1,320